I have been a provider with Halton Day Care Services Inc. from the beginning and they have offered me excellent service.  They have set me up with many interviews with clients.  The director is always available when I need her for advice or support.  She visits us regularly and I look forward to her visits.  Payment is always on time.  Overall, a very professional experience and better overall then
I had when I was on my own.

I wanted to take this opportunity to provide you with some feedback on the quality of care that S. is receiving with Mrs. M.

I cannot sing her praises enough!!! S. absolutely lights up when I drop her off in the mornings. She is all smiles and full of cuddles for A.M.. I am so pleased with the quality of care and attention that S. receives. A. M’s home is very warm and welcoming, very clean and tidy, and so well organized. I have complete confidence in leaving S. with her every day. She is very affectionate with S, and S. loves to imitate everything A.M and her wonderful daughters show her. S. is learning so many new things and it makes me smile. S. is thriving in A.M’s home; sleeping well, eating very well, playing and learning so much! S.’s reactions to A.M are testament enough of the quality of care she receives. A.M’s daughters are an absolute delight, and love S. to bits. 

My husband A. and I have built a very strong rapport with A.M., and we have only wonderful comments to share about her.

Please feel free to pass this along to her.

Thank you HDCS for setting us up with A.M! We cannot imagine anywhere else that offers such superior quality in care.

 ~ M.P

I like to consider myself an informed and knowledgeable mom but I didn't even know about home child care!  I thought a day care centre was the only way to go but after doing a lot of research - I called the Halton Child Care registry and they hooked me up with three agencies and gave me the names of several other private people.  One of the agencies I had trouble getting a hold of, but my experience with HDCS has been great.  I have my child registered with them for now, but because of the support and proffesionalimsm that I got from them, I am considering staying home and being a provider myself!  Thanks HDCS.
~ T.S.


I would like to thank Halton Daycare Services for providing my family with a wonderful alternative to daycare centers. When we were researching childcare for our one year old daughter, like most, we were very nervous about the whole process. We contacted HDCS and they recommended a childcare provider, E. B. 

E.B has been a blessing to our family. Our daughter has completely blossomed in her care. She has treated our daughter with the utmost care, kindness and attention, as though she were one of her own children. We are incredibly thankful to have met E.B through HDCS and would highly, highly recommend her. She is wonderful! Thank you HDCS!
                                        ~ P.C.


Following are quotes and comments from real clients and providers...

Our experience with Halton Day Care Services has been nothing short of wonderful.  There absolutely could not have been a better place for S.  We are so greatful and thankful that we were able to find such an incredible, caring and loving caregiver for S.  E is fantastic.  There is no doubt that E has greatly contributed to the wonderful and caring personality that S has.  We have so much to thank her, and you, for.  S will miss E and her friends there very much.  But we will be in touch. Thanks for everything Halton Day Care Services!  

~ Sincerely, D & C

I was at a loss at what to do with my child when my home daycare provider pulled out with very little notice.  I approached HDCS and even though they knew that I was looking to place my child in a daycare centre after this experience, they still took the time out to take care of me and I now have an excellent provider.  My son loves it there!  Price is great, service is excellent.  I'm not sure what I'll do when my daycare centre spot opens up - I might have to stay after all. 
I am really really happy with HDCS.                  ~ J.L

When we first decided to place our kids in childcare, we were very hesitant – we wanted a provider that offered one-on-one care and attention, along with the security and peace of mind that come with a regulated daycare center environment.  HDCS offered us the best of both worlds.   We were very impressed with the professionalism of the HDCS staff including their Director and their efforts to match us to the right caregiver.   We chose a childcare provider through the agency who was perfect for us – warm, attentive, flexible, and who genuinely loved our children as though they were her own.  HDCS also offered the convenience of providing backup care when our provider was sick or on vacation, at no extra cost. Our experience has been a very favourable one, and we have recommended HDCS to numerous friends and colleagues.    ~ E & S

Here is my recommendation... if you'd like to post on your web site, feel free. 

I would highly recommend Halton DayCare Services for child care in Milton.  We found
the service to be extremely professional - the coordinator was very attentive, diligent and easy to communicate with.  Additionally there are extremely high quality care providers within their organization.  The service's personal touch made it a top  notch experience.  I had worked with other services in the area as well, and they paled in comparison to HDCS.     ~ Thanks again.  C. 

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