Frequently Asked Questions:

Daycare Centre versus Private Home Daycare... how do I decide?

Having smaller children ourselves, we have experienced the positives and negatives of both types of primary care.  We are so confident that private home day care is the right way to go we decided to open our own agency.  

We believe the early years of a child's life, the early childhood years before entering into institutionalized schooling that will consume the next 15 years of your child's life, are undervalued and underappreciated in our society as the most important building blocks for a child's future.

Using a licensed and reputable agency, run by educated, responsible and experienced parents to help you find the right provider could be one of the most important decisions you make for your child.  Because the ratios of home childcare are smaller, your child can enjoy the benefit of virtually one-on-one attention. 

Smaller interaction groups allow your children to be cared for in a familiar, enjoyable, family environment where your child can live freely.  Strong bonds can be formed in this environment, strong bonds that will help your children grow up to be confident and happy.

What happens if my provider is ill or goes on vacation?

HDCS was one of the first agencies to develop and employ
a provider back-up program. 

We carefully designed the program so that no family is without care. We have a strong network of providers that have provided primary and back-up care for years and are experienced and always willing
to step up and help out a family. 

Why should I choose a home child care provider through an agency rather than a private home provider working on their own?

Than making sure the provider has a fire inspection, a health inspection, criminal record checks, references and a learning based curriculum and child care manual.  Also, providers that work for agencies must follow rules restricting child care ratios and are also subject to random audits.  In short, we screen the providers so you don't have to.  As well, agencies provide back up care and usually have a pool of available providers should something happen to yours (and it does happen!)

A provider working on their own that is not registered or with a licensed agency (which represents the majority) does not need to be accountable to anyone for being legally restricted or for following government rules.  They may say that they have been inspected and don't have a criminal record.  There is only one way to tell - ask them to show you the proof.

Day Care Options

Can you help me determine If I am eligible for Child Care fee subsidy?

HDCS is a community based child care agency and has a purchase of service agreement with the Region of Halton. 

This Purchase of Service agreement allows us to service families who are supported with fee subsidy.  Families who need financial support should contact Halton Region and go through the application assessment process.  Though we cannot directly confirm whether you will get fee subsidy, we can help you navigate through the system and help you determine your eligibility status. 

A Purchase of Service agreement with Halton Region for fee subsidy clients is only available through

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